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MQTT Broker

Clarify exposes a broker interface which clients can connect to in order to send data. This means that most devices with the ability to connect to an MQTT broker will be able send data directly to Clarify.

BrokerProcessorInsert APIMeta APIGatewayBrokerBridgePLCClarify


In order to connect to Clarify using MQTT, you will need an integration and a set of Basic Auth credentials.

Follow the steps in the linked guide to generate your credentials and save them somewhere safe.


The broker interface for you integration is enabled by default, so with the credentials ready, we can go ahead and connect. Use the connection details below to get started.

Usernameusername from credentials
Passwordpassword from credentials

Topic and payloads

Clarify supports different payloads and topic structures in MQTT messages. You can read more about each one of them in the Formats section.