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Create an integration

The first thing you will need to use the Clarify APIs is an integration. To create one, follow the steps shown in the video below.


Once you have created an integration, it's time to create a set of credentials that we can use to authenticate calls to the API. Clarify supports two kinds of credentials, either OAuth 2.0 client credentials or Basic auth.

For our Python SDK and Node-RED node you will need to select OAuth 2.0, while if you are writing your own code to use with the APIs it might be easier to use the Basic auth method as you can use the key directly in calls to the API instead of generating access-tokens.


Don't worry if you create the wrong kind of credentials, you can create multiple credentials of any type for a single integration. It's also possible to delete credentials if you decide to switch type.

Once the window is closed the credentials cannot be downloaded again, so make sure you store it. Make sure to store the credentials in a safe place, as this file can be used to interact with data in your organization.

For more details, see the reference guide.