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To open a comment, simply click it from the comment section in the navigation bar or by browsing the comment feed. This will open a panel that shows you the original comment, as well as any replies that has been added.

The comments area shows all comments for the timeline. Press one and the comment will appear.
Press the speak bubble to see all the comments made in this timeline.

To create a new comment, simply pan on the time you wish to comment on, and a button will appear with "Add comment". To comment on a period, select a period an the "Add comment" button will appear. A new comment view will show. It is possible to tag other users in the organization by writing "@" before typing their name and tag a specific item by adding "+" and write the item name in the timeline in the comment.

Select a time and the 'Add new comment' button will appear.

With the panel open, there are a few things going on that we should pay attention to. First, the orignal comment is selected on the timeline, next you can see that there is a blue line underneath which shows the point or period in time the comment is attached to. Finally we have the panel for the comment itself, shown to the right on the screen with the comment text, any replies, and an option to add a reply of your own.

We can access the full content of a comment by clicking it.