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In Clarify we have three different plans for organizations; an Explorer plan, a Team plan, and a Business plan. To see which plan suits you or your company best, you can read up on our different pricing or contact us by email at

Get the Explorer plan

To get the free plan go to and sign up.

Upgrade to Team plan

To upgrade to a free plan you need to be an administrator of the organization. Go to the menu on the left side and select "Organization settings". Here you will see the current plan for your organization. Tap the "Upgrade to a team plan" and you will be sent to a new site where you can select the Team plan. Enter your payment info and your plan is updated.

Open menu and select Organization settings
Select 'Upgrade to Team plan'
Choose the plan that fit your organization
Enter your payment info and press 'Subscribe'


If you are no longer in need of a custom or team plan, but still wish to use Clarify on a smaller scale, there is always an option to downgrade your plan. Enter the organization settings in your organization, select "manage plan" and then "cancel plan". You will still have access to clarify team plan until the next payment is due.