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Share dataset

In some cases it would be convenient to share your items with someone outside of your organization, e.g:

  1. You are a system integrator and have items that you wish to replicate across two or more client organizations. Instead of setting up multiple integrations that write the same data to different organizations, you can write the data to your own organization and share it with your client organizations via a dataset.

  2. One of your datasets is relevant for colleagues outside of your company. Instead of inviting this colleague into your organization where they will have access to all of your data, you can share the relevant dataset to a shared organization that you can both acceess.


Creating datasets is a premium feature. Contact sales for pricing and more information.

Create and edit a shared dataset

Open "Datasets" in the admin panel and select "Created". Here you can see all your previously created datasets and create a new ones.

Access created datasets
Create a new dataset

Create a new dataset by pressing the "New Dataset" button. A menu on the right side of the screen opens where you can add items, select organizations to share the dataset with or change the name. In the "Edit"-tab one can add items and select organizations. To change the name of the dataset, add or read the description and add labels just open the "Metadata"-tab. When you are finished remember to save the changes.


Datasets can only be shared with organizations where you are a member.

Edit dataset

To edit a dataset press one of the datasets in the list and the menu on the right side will open. On the bottom left corner there is a "Edit datasets"-button which will let you change the dataset.

Delete a dataset by pressing the item you wish to delete, press the "..." button in the top right corner and select delete dataset. Deleting the dataset will remove it from all organizations. Users who already copied the items in the dataset will still be able to see the items, but without any data points.

Delete dataset

Use shared dataset

Open a shared dataset by going to "Datasets" -> "Inbox" in the admin view. Here all the datasets that are shared with you will show. Press the dataset you wish to use and select "Add items from dataset". The items will be copied to your item-list where you can edit and use it like any other item.

Open dataset and add items

Shared datasets are only available for admins of the organization.