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Public datasets


Adding datasets is only availiable for admin users

Exploring public datasets

First open datasets in Clarify. This is done by pressing your organization name in the upper right corner and selecting "Datasets". Here you will see publically available datasets ("Public") imported by Clarify and datasets shared with you ("Inbox").

Availiable datasets in your organization

Open the "Public"-datasets and find the signals you want to explore. To add a dataset press the row of the item you want and select "Add items from dataset". You will then get a notification telling you how many items will be added to your organization. Go ahead and press "Apply dataset".

Applying dataset with the selected items.
The number of items added should show in the right-side window.

You can look through your added items in "Items", and then go press the "Clarify" logo to get back to the main screen. Here you can create a new timeline with your newly added items.

Creating a new timeline with the items added from the dataset.
New timeline with data from the public dataset.