Client credentials

In Clarify, credentials are created on a per integration basis. To create your first set of credentials you'll need to create a new integration (requires admin access in your organization).

1. Create integration

Integrations are created in the Admin panel in the Clarify Web Application, by clicking the button + Add integration and providing a name and an optional description.

The `+Add integration` button is available in the admin panel.The `+Add integration` button is available in the admin panel.

The +Add integration button is available in the admin panel.

2. Download client credentials

To download the credentials for an integration. Click on the integration in the list, select the Credentials tab and click on the button below CREDENTIALS to start the download.

How to download client credentialsHow to download client credentials

How to download client credentials


Keep your client credentials safe

If you accidentally share the client credentials with another party, they have access to write data to your integration. There is unfortunately no functionality at the moment to reset or revoke client credentials (except for deleting the integration).

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