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A quick way to get started with Node-Red is to sign up for an account on IBM Cloud and use their free tier Node-Red hosted app.

This guide will show some of the steps needed to get an instance of Node-Red up and running, but if you need a more thorough walkthrough have a look at this YouTube tutorial (not made by Searis).

The steps outlined below can be found in greater details in this official IBM guide.

1. Find the Node-RED Starter App in the Cloud catalog

2. Create your application

Follow the guided instructions and create the app. Click deploy app, choose IBM Cloud Foundry, make a new API key, fill in the details, next and create. After this things might stop if you have not set up GitHub access, see 3. below.

3. Connect your IBM account with your Github account.

This step is omitted from all the guides we have read so far but ended up being a real showstopper for us. We were not able to deploy and get access to the app without setting up this Github connection, and no error message was shown in the app settings.

You need to navigate to Toolchain / toolchain details to set up this connection. See the picture below.

4. Follow the APP URL and set up the Node-Red credentials

After the deployment process is finished the APP URL should appear in your App settings. Following this URL will lead you through a guide to set up some credentials for the Node-Red Web UI and when finished present you with a working Node-Red instance.

4. Install the Clarify Node

Follow the guide on how to install the Clarify node and start creating your integrations.

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