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Working with Clarify

There are a range of ways to work with data in Clarify, either to add new timeseries data, adding or modifying meta-data, or to use the data you already have in new and interesting ways. The section below lists the various tools we support and provides an overview of which methods are available in each of them.


  • JSON-RPC: Connect directly to our JSON-RPC API using any HTTP client.
  • MQTT: Connect your MQTT devices directly to Clarify with our broker interface.
  • Python SDK: Write integration code in Python with our SDK.
  • Node-RED: Set up Node-RED integrations in minutes with our official Clarify insert node.
  • Google Sheets Add-on: Send data to Clarify from inside your Google Sheets!
JSON-RPC APIMQTTPython SDKNode-REDGoogle Sheets Add-on
Insert data frameYesYesYesYesYes
Save signalsYesNo*YesYesNo
Select signals**YesNoYesNoNo
Publish signals**YesNoYesNoNo
Select data frame**YesNoYesNoNo

(*) MQTT connections behave quite differently from our other APIs. Depending on the format of the topic and payload, both timeseries and meta-data can be inserted, but which fields can be set and how differ between the various supported payload and topic types.

(**) APIs are currently in Beta.