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Automated publishing items

The automated publishing rule will let you automatically bulk publish items from signals by filtering which signals to publish and apply your own transforms to improve the meta-data.

GitHub Public template

Go to template-clarify-automation to read more.

Who should use the publish routine?

If you have been using Clarify for some time, and you are starting to accumulate a lot of signals, you may need an automated rule-based process for you to publish signals as items. You may want to script how to clean up the raw meta-data from your integrations and produce nicely looking items with normalized labels, naming, engineering unit and other properties. Maybe your data sources encode specific information into the name? Maybe they have their own way of encoding engineering units that just don't make sense inside Clarify?

If this fits your situation please go to template-clarify-automation to read more on how this works and try it out yourself!