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Version: 1.1beta2

Release notes (1.1beta2)

This is a Beta release; use at your own risk, and be prepared to update your code after the final release is out.

Comparing to v1.0, this version adds the following methods to the Clarify API:

Updates to existing methods:

  • integration.saveSignals:
    • Add new field updated to the Save summary type.
    • The signal type attribute has been renamed to valueType (type still works as an alias).

Version selection

Explicit version selection is done in the API transport layer.

Patch releases

Patch releases for the "v1.1beta2" selection string.


The second explicitly selectable pre-release for version 1.1.0, introducing several breaking changes compared to API 1.1.0-beta.1. In particular the select syntax have changed to use JSON:API encoded responses, and clarify.selectItems have been split into clarify.selectItems (meta-data only) and clarify.dataFrame (select data, optionally embed meta-data).