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Version: 1.1beta1

Release notes (1.1beta1)

This is a Beta release; use at your own risk, and be prepared to update your code after the final release is out.

Comparing to v1.0, this versions adds the following methods to the Clarify API:

Updates to existing methods:

PS! The methods admin.selectSignals and clarify.selectItems are expected to change significantly in the upcoming beta.2 release.

Version selection

1.1 will stop routing to this version

If your code is using the version 1.1 version selector to refer to this beta release, and you are relying any of the methods that are not available in API 1.0, you must change it to to 1.1beta1 for your code to keep working.

This includes if you are using the Python SDK v0.3.0 or earlier, in which case you must update it to use a later version.

Explicit version selection is done in the API transport layer.

Patch releases

Patch releases for the v1.1beta1 selection string.


The first explicitly selectable pre-release for version 1.1.0. This API was perviously known as 1.1.0-pre, which was a "floating" API that could change without warning. With the introduction of the "1.1beta1" selection string, we are aiming to keep the version selectable until some reasonable amount of time after there release of the final version 1.1.0.


In method integration.insert:

  • Update schema for Input ID:

    • Increase character limit from 40 to 128.
    • Allow upper-case letters A-Z and additional symbols (:, ., #, + and /).
  • Update times format for the Data frame type:

    • Allow an integer containing a Unix timestamp (seconds) as an alternative to an RFC 3339 date-time.