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Version: 1.1

Release notes (v1.1)

Changes since v1.0

New methods:

Updates to existing methods:

  • integration.saveSignals:
    • Add new field updated to the Save summary type.
    • The signal type attribute has been renamed to valueType (type still works as an alias).

Changes since v1.1beta2

New methods:

Updates to existing methods:

  • For methods admin.selectSignals, admin.selectItems and clarify.dataFrame, the groupIncludedByType parameter is replaced by a format parameter with more options.
  • For the clarify.dataFrame method, the data query parameter has been extended with more options, such as time-zone support and month/year rollup.

Version selection

Explicit version selection is done in the API transport layer.

Patch releases


Fix a bug with clarify.evaluate state aggregations, where the state was always assumed to be 0, resulting in the return of incorrect data.


Introduce two new error codes:

  • -32011 Too many requests: returned when access to a specific RPC method exceeds our rate-limit.
  • -32022 Too many items selected: returns when too many items are selected in a clarify.evaluate call.