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Version: 1.1

Rate limits

To ensure fair access to the API, access to the Clarify API is rate limited. When the rate-limit is hit, requests will first be throttled, meaning that the request will still be run, but it will take longer to succeed. Requests that are queued for more than 10 seconds, or requests that require more than 15 seconds to run, including the queueing time, will time-out.

Based on overall system load, the Clarify Team may choose to change current rate limits without prior warning, in order to best serve all our customers & users.

Per method rate limits

To ensure fair access to the API, the following limits apply to the different API methods. For each method, additional limitations may apply to certain parameters.

MethodRate limitRequest size limit
integration.insert1 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
integration.saveSignals1 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
admin.selectSignals10 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
admin.PublishSignals5 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
clarify.SelectItems10 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
clarify.DataFrame1 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)
clarify.Evaluate1 request/second~8MiB (uncompressed JSON)