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Version: 1.0

Release notes (1.0)

This version marks the first stable release of the Clarify API. It introduce the following new methods:

Version selection

Explicit version selection is done in the API transport layer.

Patch releases

Patch releases include bugfixes and backwards compatible fixes that are in line with our Versioning rules.


Initial stable release of the Clarify API.


This release introduce rate-limits.


This release include the following minor improvements:

  • Improve error responses on invalid requests.
  • Improve API stability.


  • Increase character limit for "annotations" keys from 40 to 128.
  • Increase character limit for "labels" fields from 40 to 128.


In method integration.insert:

  • Update schema for Input ID:

    • Increase character limit from 40 to 128.
    • Allow upper-case letters A-Z and additional symbols (:, ., #, + and /).
  • Update times format for the Data frame type:

    • Allow an integer containing a Unix timestamp (seconds since the epoch) as an alternative to an RFC 3339 date-time string.


Introduce a new error code:

  • -32011 Too many requests: returned when access to a specific RPC method exceeds our rate-limit.