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Version: 1.0

Request format

Set the "id" field

If the "id" field in the request is omitted or set to null, the server will assume the client is not intending to wait for a response, and we won't return one. The JSON RPC spec calls this a "notification".

It's up to your client to decide on the data type and value to use for the ID field, as long as it's a valid JSON value. The same ID that is used in the request will be used in the response. However, if your client doesn't have any specific needs, we recommend that you just use 1 as it's a short and simple value. This is the value that is typically used by our SDKs.


"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "<RPC METHOD>",
"id": 1,
"params": {}


type: object


jsonrpcstring("2.0")YesVersion of JSON RPC protocol to use. Must be "2.0".
idanyYesSet to any value except null to request a response.
methodstringYesName of method to invoke.
paramsarray or objectDepends on methodInput parameters for the method, encoded either as positional parameters (array) or named parameters (object).