The Classification insight contains track-level data. track_data is an array containing an object for each track. Each object contains the track_id and track_label of the track, as well as the following:
  • spoken_languages - Array of strings containing RFC 5646 language codes for the language detected in the audio. For example, "en-US". Currently only the most predominant language is listed.
  • acoustics - Array of strings describing the acoustic environment. If a standard wide-band environment is detected, the array will be empty. Currently supported environments are: "telephone".

Sample Response

An example insight:classification response:
    "bundle_id": "abcde12345",
    "created": "2015-05-16T20:39:37.507Z",
    "id": "54321edcba",
    "name": "classification",
    "status": "ready",
    "track_data": [
            "track_id": "fff111",
            "track_label": "",
            "spoken_languages": [
            "acoustics": [
    "updated": "2015-05-16T20:39:37.508Z",
    "_class": "ClassificationInsight",
    "_links": {
        "clarify:bundle": {
            "href": "/v1/bundles/abcde12345"
        "curies": [
                "href": "/docs/rels/{rel}",
                "name": "clarify",
                "templated": true
        "parent": {
            "href": "/v1/bundles/abcde12345/insights"
        "self": {
            "href": "/v1/bundles/abcde12345/insights/54321edcba"
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